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HUMBLE family photographer five tips for a successful session

Five Tips for your Humble family photographer

As a Humble family photographer, I know that having beautiful images of your family is important. These images help your kiddos feel like they belong. They also put on display what is most important to you.

And I know as all moms do, that family photo sessions can be stressful! There are a lot of details to figure out: location, outfits, and making your kiddos smile.

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1. Hire a professional Humble family photographer

Because family photoshoots can be stressful, hire a professional. Not only will a professional know how to take a picture with correct lighting, but they should help your family have a fun time.

In fact, I help my clients through the whole process from the beginning to end. This should be a stress-free experience! If we work together I will:

  • help you choose outfits
  • recommend location options
  • plan strategies to help your child have a successful session
  • alternate between playing shots and posed shots
  • help with selecting your favorite images
  • deliver and install your artwork, albums and prints.
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2. Have fun

I know you want your images to turn out beautiful! And just trust me, they will. Most children (or husbands for that matter) don’t always cooperate or look happy to be there. Don’t worry about that!

Part of my role as your Humble family photographer is to help everyone feel relaxed and have fun. Don’t worry about getting perfect poses or everyone smiling at the same time. We will take a lot of shots and I can even use Photoshop to make one perfect image.

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3. Try not to stress or panic

This can be hard to do. I know. You want so badly to have perfect family photos. But if you’re stressed or freaked out, your children will feel that vib and not be relaxed either.

Trust me, it’s OK if your toddler doesn’t want to sit still for 2 poses in a row.

In fact, I have found the most effective way to take photos of families with small children is to take a posed shot and then take some candids, then take a posed shot and then more candids.

Children don’t like to sit still. They love to explore and play. And some of the best shots are of them doing that!

During one session, the one year old would not stop screaming. We got about 1 posed shot and then played and when we went back to the posed shots, he would not cooperate. So what did we do? We played. We sang songs and I snapped photos while he laughed and smiled as his mom was singing to him. Then his dad jumped in and we got a great shot.

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4. Trust the process with your Humble photographer

Kids feed off of energy. If they are not cooperating, don’t worry! We will just play and switch it up to get happy smiles.

I promise I will be flexible and willing to play and work with your kiddos. Continuing to move and switch things up will not only help your littles but your husband too! 😉

Don’t worry, a lot of times it feels like there are no good shots being taken but there are! I promise. I take a lot of images and can even combine some images to get everyone looking their best in one image.

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5. Bring comfort items to your Humble family photoshoot

Familiar items can help children have fun calm down. Also some of the best shots are more candid shots of a child playing with his or her favorite toy or sitting and reading a book with you.

Bring some water and snacks too. Make sure to hide these preferred items as we may bring them out only when we need to.