houston family photos in the woods

I am so happy the Evans family chose me for their Kingwood photography. We did their family photos in Kingwood in a wooded area.

Kingwood Candid Family Photography

family photos taken by kingwood photography

An important part of my family sessions are candid shots. Playing during the family shoot accomplishes many things.

  1. Makes a family photoshoot fun
  2. Gives kiddos a chance to run and have a “movement” break
  3. Let’s be honest, gives dads a break (because sometimes they are the biggest babies)
  4. Gives variety to the shoot to create a gallery wall or album

Kingwood Photography- Family Tickle Photos

kingwood family photographer taking photos in forest

For candid photos we will do walking photos, tickling photos and other playful interactions.

In preparation for your Kingwood family photo session I suggest that you bring some of your kiddos favorite items. This can be things like bubbles, cars, books, etc.

While we may not use these items for family photos, they are nice to have in case your little one is not happy.

Often times if we give kiddos a break they will be happy and ready to pose again. And playing with favorite items can be a fun and treasured photo anyway!

Daddy & Kids Kingwood Photography

photographer taking family photos in kingwood

And of course we will get all the different setups.

  1. whole family
  2. siblings photo
  3. mom and kiddos
  4. dad and kiddos
  5. individuals

These are my normal setups. If you want anything else, please let me know!

Kingwood Candid Family Photography

creekwood nature area family photo

Isn’t this little girl just adorable! You can see in the second photo that she had kicked her boots off. So we did some photos barefoot. No problem!

Individual Kingwood Child Photos

kingwood photographer taking photos

Since Miss M was not standing on her own yet, we used a stool to let her stand. And boy did she give a big smile for that!

Kingwood Family Photographer Wall Art

This family chose to preserve their images in prints and canvases. The canvases make a great statement in their home (this photo is taken from the front door). Not only that, but they can see the family photos and enjoy them every day now and forever!

Watch the video clip below to see the mom’s reaction to seeing them hung.

Kingwood Family Photographer Testimonial

If you are considering a family portrait session and want your experience to be stress free, I would love to chat!