Houston Special Needs Photographer

houston special needs photographer and her son

Hi, I’m Tiffany, your Houston Special Needs Photographer

I am a photographer but I am also a mama to a severely autistic, non-verbal boy named Isaac. Isaac also has a rare genetic condition called Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome that causes feeding problems (do you spy his feeding tube?), sleeping troubles and intellectual disability.

Isaac is a sensory seeker. He does not stay still! He is always jumping, flapping, mouthing objects or swinging. Because he can’t communicate, he can become frustrated and aggressive, even trying to bite or scratch.

Know that I tell you all this not to feel bad for me but to know that I get it. I will understand the challenges your child has and not think any less of you or them!

We can work together to come up with strategies to have a successful family session despite any disability or challenges.

She is our favorite photographer! She was awesome with my son who has autism. She worked with his needs and the pictures came out so beautiful! We are so thankful to Tiffany for helping us with ideas for colors and where we wanted to take pictures. We decided on outdoors and they couldn’t be better! So many compliments

-Hill family

Feel confident with an experienced Houston special needs photographer

I know the relief I feel when I hire a babysitter who has experience with non-verbal autism. I know the sitter has a better understanding of what to expect and how to deal with challenges with my son. In the same way, I want you to feel relieved hiring me as your Houston special needs photographer. I have experience both with taking photos of those with different special needs, as well as raising my son with special needs as well as volunteering at SIRE, a therapeutic horsemanship organization.

Below is a gallery of special needs family photos. All of these families have special needs of one type or another.

This is what to expect at your special needs family portrait session

I’ll take care of all the details. You just bring your family—and I’ll make the magic.

I will work with you and your family from beginning to end.

  • Helping you choose outfits
  • Finding the best location
  • Planning strategies to help your child have a successful session (music, rewards, token chart)
  • Using magic of Photoshop to create images worthy of lining your walls
  • Selecting your favorite images and choosing the best way to display and preserve these memories
  • Delivering and installing your artwork

I’m passionate about you having beautiful, tangible memories by the time we are done working together. The albums, prints and canvases we create will be treasures and bring joy to your heart every day.

Hire a professional Houston special needs photographer

I can’t wait to help you have the family photos you’ve always wanted!

As a mom to a non-verbal autistic son, I know how difficult it can be to capture your child’s personality. I promise this experience will be different than ones you’ve had in the past. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family!