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best kingwood photography locations

There are so many great Kingwood photography locations if you just look around. There are wooded areas, green areas, an old bridge, areas with water and more.

Kingwood Photography Locations- Kingwood trails

There are endless wooded trails in Kingwood that make for great Kingwood photography locations. I have used these areas for senior photos, family photos and even branding and head shot sessions.

kingwood photography locations kingwood trails
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Kingwood Photography Locations- Creekwood Nature Area

This is another wooded location that I love. It is a little less crowded than some of the trails in Kingwood.

If you look at the photos you may notice the first few were taken in the fall. The last images were taken in the spring/summer so the green is more vibrant. You will know if you read my other blog post that the spring is the best time to do family photos in Houston. Visit the blog post to see the reasons why!

kingwood photography location creekwood nature area
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Kingwood Photography Locations- Mercer Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite Kingwood family photos locations is Mercer Botanical Garden in Spring. Although this location is not in Kingwood, it is only about a 20 minute drive and it is worth it!

There is a great variety of things for family photos there- greenery, flowers, dirt trails, brick trails, swings, benches, water features and more.

Even if you do not do family photos there, you should consider a visit. It is beautiful and free!

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Kingwood Photography Locations- Various Kingwood Parks

kingwood photography location park

Kingwood Photography Locations- Various Kingwood Ponds

Many families like the look of water in photos. This can be a picturesque location for your kingwood family photos. You just have to make sure it isn’t too bright or the water will disappear. Make sure you have a photographer who knows when and where to shoot you in front of water.

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