houston family photos at mercer botanical gardens

Most people think of getting Houston family photos during the fall. Perhaps it is because they enjoy sending out Christmas cards and that is an annual reminder to get updated family portraits. Or perhaps it is when the family starts coming to town and it is a convenient time to have that Houston family photo created.

Whatever the reason is, I am here to tell you to rethink taking family photos in the fall.

Houston family photos are bad in the fall

The fall in Houston is hot and sticky. Believe me, even though we generally schedule family photos in the evening and do photos in the shade, it can still be uncomfortable. And being sweaty is very hard to fix in photoshop. 

houston family photos

Also the fall is the busiest time for Houston family photographers.

That creates a few challenges:

  1. there is less flexibility with open times for sessions
  2. the beautiful locations we like to shoot are filled with other photographers and sometimes even with props like couches or trucks which makes it hard to have space for our session.
houston family photos in the woods

Instead consider doing your Houston family photos in the Spring

Why is the spring the best time to take your Houston family photos?

houston family photos in spring
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Four reasons spring is the perfect time for Houston family photos

  1. it isn’t too hot (Climate and weather averages in Houston)
  2. the humidity is low
  3. flowers are blooming
  4. everything is super green

I remember a couple years ago I took some family photos at one of my favorite locations. Normally this location is green with mossy trees. But by the time the family scheduled family photos, it was November. This normally bright green location was brown and drab. The photos still turned out fabulous but I had wished the family had booked their family session in the spring.

houston family photos at mercer  botanical gardens
www.tiffanyharstonphotography.com 432-488-6092