humble head shot images
humble head shot images

Are you worried about your Humble head shot? Having your photo taken can be intimidating. This is no different when doing a head shot session. Know that we will have fun and we will get a variety of shots to be sure to get one that you LOVE.

Also there is a lot that can be edited after. We will fix your stray hairs, smooth your face and more.

Five tips for your head shot session

  • Avoid wearing stripes. Solids are best but florals can work too.
  • Get your makeup professionally done (or use a little more blush than usual)
  • Simple hairstyling works best
  • Brush and FLOSS your teeth
  • Relax and let me make the magic
humble head shot photographer

Wear solid colors for your photoshoot

At your Humble head shot session we will have time for you to change so bring 2-3 outfit options. I recommend solid colors as stripes can look funky in photos.

For ladies that means bring two blouse options and a suit coat if you would like. For men, you can bring different shirts, ties and suit coat. I will give you my professional opinion on what would work best.

We will take head shot photos in your different outfits and then right after the session you will be able to view your images and select the ones you want retouched.

Feel free to look at some of the head shot images I have taken to get some ideas.

Consider professional makeup for your session

I highly recommend professional makeup for professional photoshoots. Just make sure you find a makeup artist that will not go too heavy for your taste. I have a few I work with that I can recommend based on what you like.

If you have never had lashes, do not get them for the shoot. Sometimes people can have allergic reactions. Simply curl your lashes and use mascara.

Fix your hair for your head shot images

Usually a simple curl looks best for your Humble head shot session. You can consider getting a blowout or having a hair stylist curl your hair.

A few of my makeup artists I trust can do simple curls as well.

And don’t worry about overusing hairspray. 🙂

Brush and floss to prepare for your Humble head shot

This may sound weird, but I have had more than one client who has something in their teeth that I had to edit out. Even if you don’t have something as noticeable as a piece of lettuce in your teeth, head shots are close up shots. If you haven’t flossed in awhile, it will show.

If you are interested in teeth whitening, I know of a great toothpaste that is good even for sensitive teeth. I also have a recommendation where you can go get your teeth whitened. Just let me know.