What is the difference between a headshot and branding image?

Headshots are typically a posed shot that is cropped from chest to the head. The purpose of a headshot is a professional image that shows what you look like. These images are typically used on business cards, website about me pages and email signatures.

Headshots are also typically taken in a studio setting with a plain background.

Headshots are a must for small business owners like realtors, insurance salesmen, coaches, trainers and more.

Branding images have more variety than headshots. The purpose of branding images is to show what you do and/or how you do it.

While headshots are typically cropped shots, branding images may be your full body or even show you in a scene talking to a client or making your product. Branding images can also show more of your personality. While a headshot is typically smiling, branding images can be you laughing, looking off camera or even in action.

When to use a branding image

These images can be used on websites, blogs, email marketing, Instagram and more to connect with your target market and show them what makes you special.

1. Branding image on websites

If you use your own branding images rather than stock images, your clients have a chance to connect with you and your team. They may even see someone in person that they first saw on your website. Seeing the actual business and people in it will give familiarity and a comfort in doing business with you. Because after all, people do business with those they know and trust.

2. Branding images on your blog

I am sure your website person is telling you to blog. But what do you blog!? Good question. By having a gallery of branding images, you can have original photos to pull into those blogs.

Updating your blog regularly will improve your SEO, or in other words increase the likelihood that clients can find you on Google.

3. Branding images on your email marketing

Whether you send emails to your email list once a month or more, having fresh images is important!

By using images of your actual office and team in your marketing, you will start to build trust with your potential clients.

4. Branding images on social media

Again these personalized images of you and your business is all about gaining trust of your potential clients. By using images of you rather than random generic images from google, you will connect more with your clients.

Interested in learning more about Humble headshots?

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Professional headshots and branding are some of my favorite sessions. Being an entrepreneur myself and coming from a family of business owners, it is something I am very passionate about.

Humble Headshot Pricing

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