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1. Capture your senior’s personality

Getting senior pictures taken is a great way to capture your senior’s personality. We will take a variety of images in different outfits and different backgrounds to capture your senior and all their different sides.

kingwood senior pictures formal and casual

By having a casual outfit and a more formal outfit, we can also capture their fun side and their mature side during their senior photo shoot.

kingwood senior pictures taken in a field

2. Celebrate your senior’s accomplishments

Graduating high school is a big deal! Why not celebrate your senior with a professional photoshoot that will be all about them! These senior pictures will not only mark this accomplishment but be a fun time.

We can take photos that highlight your senior’s interests- whether that be music or sports or academics- we can use props to commemorate their interests and accomplishments.

kingwood senior pictures taken with horse
kingwood senior pictures taken in humble
kingwood senior pictures with instrument
kingwood senior pictures taken downtown houston

3. Remember this moment in time

Your senior is moving on. You may be excited they are finally leaving home. Or you may be super sad to loose your baby! Either way, you will be surprised how quickly you will forget how you feel in this moment.

Your graduating senior will move to college or technical school and continue to mature and change. Looking back on these senior photos in the future will allow you and your senior to remember this special time in their life.

kingwood senior pictures of senior girl

4. Get the expertise you need

Hire a professional photographer who will help you and your senior choose locations, outfits and more. I will help you senior know how to pose and even get facial expressions you will love.

Not only that but you will end up with beautifully edited senior pictures that you can enjoy now and in the future.

kingwood senior pictures taken in a field

If you are wanting to book your senior pictures, I would love to chat! 432-488-6092.