Preparing for your Houston newborn photoshoot

Having a baby is a joyous occasion since there is a new family member will bring smiles to everyone who sees him or her. However, you would be shocked at how quickly a newborn baby can grow out of its tiny little body. That is why, you should think about having a Houston newborn photoshoot to document those precious, fleeting diaper days of your newborn.

Babies faces start to look different even just three weeks after they are born.

Preserve the memories of those tiny toes, that fresh newborn smell and the tininess of your little one through a professional Houston newborn photoshoot.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your Houston newborn photo session:

Schedule a session ASAP

Most Houston photographers do newborn photoshoots when the baby is between five and 14 days old. With such a tight time frame, booking a session could be challenging—especially with a popular photographer.

You should consider contacting a photographer during your second trimester to schedule your session. This way, they can tell you right away if there are any available spots or if you should look for other photographers.

If you are expecting your baby any day now and still don’t have a photographer, still reach out! I would love to see if I can squeeze you in! 432-488-6092

humble newborn photo session

Prepare outfits ahead of time

Before your Houston newborn photoshoot, lay out the clothes on the bed and arrange them according to outfits. This allows you to see whether there are any missing pieces or anything else you would like to add, such as socks or a headpiece.

Don’t forget to wash the clothes a day before the session to ensure that your baby does not have any skin reactions. New clothes tend to accumulate dirt, which might irritate your baby’s skin.

If you need ideas or help figuring out what to dress your newborn in, ask your photographer! They will know what backgrounds and colors will look best.

As for me, I love soft tones for newborn photoshoots. Pale pinks and blues paired with whites or creams are my favorite. But really you will love your little one in any clothes you put them in! So don’t stress too much!

houston newborn photoshoot

Provide inspirational photos

If there are specific shots you would like of your newborn, let your newborn photographer know. Otherwise you can trust their expertise to capture your baby in a beautiful and natural way.

When I do newborn photoshoots I like doing all the combinations: lots of the newborn alone, newborn + sibling, newborn + mom, newborn + dad, and of course the first family photo.

houston newborn photoshoot baby smiling

Don’t stress

I know. Easier said than done right!? A professional photographer will know how to handle your baby safely and work with you and your baby to get beautiful photos.

Your newborn will most likely poop and want to feed during your Houston newborn photoshoot. Know that is completely normal! Babies have their own schedule- which usually means they don’t have a schedule! Lol!

You can try to plan and feed your baby right before the session so they will be content and sleepy but honestly if timing doesn’t work out that is okay!

If you have other children you would like to incorporate into the session, we will do that as well. Working around children and babies just means we need to be flexible. Often times during sessions, they may feel like a disaster but I promise there will be beautiful images captured. There always are!

It will all be worth it!

Preparing for a Houston newborn photoshoot can be demanding for parents. I know you may be recovering from nine months of pregnancy and a delivery and may not be up for being photographed. Just remember to let me help you with outfits, planning and all the things so you don’t have to stress!

And know I will make the whole experience as painless as possible! You might even have fun.

Once you see the photographs, all the stress and hard work will be worth it. It is something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for a professional newborn photographer in Houston, TX, or surrounding areas, including Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Atascocita, and Cypress, contact Tiffany Harston today. Call her at (432) 488-6092 or contact her online to start planning your perfect Houston newborn photoshoot.