humble texas photo locations

While this list is not meant to be all inclusive, I wanted to show some of my favorite Humble Texas photography locations.

There are other great locations in Kingwood or downtown Houston as well and I will share those in a different blog post.

My favorite Humble Texas photography location: Mercer Botanical Gardens

Mercer Botanical gardens is probably my favorite Humble Texas photography locaion. Although it can get busy with other photographers, there are so many different types of plants and backgrounds here.

humble texas photography location mercer botanical garden

There are bridges, stone, water fountains, swings and white pillars and more.

This location is technically in Spring but is only about a 20 minute drive from where I live and just outside of Humble in Spring.

Bevil Memorial Bridge / Humble Bridge

This is a very popular spot for photographers all over Houston to come to. And it’s no surprise! It is unique and FREE. 🙂

These photos were taken at Bevil Memorial Bridge during and after a rain storm but this family still loved the images. Luckily I had my big flash so we could get some evening shots. The family has a band so it was kinda fun to have a different vibe with the dusk and evening lights coming on.

Downtown Humble

There are a number of cute walls and storefronts in downtown Humble. As far as top Humble Texas photography spots go, it is not my number one but there are some options. I tend to do a lot of senior boy photo sessions in downtown Humble.

humble photography locations downtown humble senior session
humble texas senior photographer

I have also used downtwon Humble for some branding and instagram photoshoots.

Though the last photo taken in the middle of the street, the light was coming just beautifully behind the trees. I just love buttery backlight!